Friday, 12 April 2013

They will fight us on the railway lines.... (Invasion of Vulgaria - part 2)

The gunners on the armoured train continued shelling the Vulgarian infantry until they fled out of sight behind a hill.  The cads!

The riflemen from the train had by now taken up position in the ruins.  This was intended to prevent a sneaky Vulgarian flanking move.

Meanwhile the first Naval Battalion was getting stuck into the enemy gunners.
Not even a late salvo from the gun could deter the stout chaps of the Anglophobian fleet.
Cold steel was applied and the gunners soon perished.
A dismayed Vulgarian staff officer looks on.  From a safe distance.  The Vulgarian cavalry in the background could be bad news....
We allowed the gunboats a chance of joining in.  A dice was rolled for each gunboat each turn.  A '6' meant it could fire.  The first (and as it turned out only) round fired was a daring high angle shot which more by luck than judgement landed amid this battalion of Vulgarian reinforcements.  They weren't happy.
The Vulgarian cavalry soon pounced on my victors of the fight for the gun position and rapidly saw them off.  Luckily the second Naval Battalion had by now reached the outskirts of the village.
In the hope of a shot at the cavalry the train reversed down the other railway spur.
This then was the situation halfway through the battle.  The first Naval battalion had spiked the gun before being overrun by the cavalry.  The second battalion had taken up position in the village.  Vulgarian reinforcements were on the way while the original defenders continued to skulk behind their hill.  A disturbing appearance was that of the giant hand-shaped thing (top right).


Mosstrooper said...

Exciting game !

Peter Douglas said...


Yeah beware the giant hand of fate - it's done more damage to my troops than any table top enemies!

This is truly silly (and I mean that it the nicest possible way)!


Tim Gow said...

It was!

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
High praise indeed from you sir!