Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kompact Komet - part 1

The current kit building frenzy includes this ancient Lindberg kit which I picked up in a mixed lot a while back.  Despite it's antiquity it goes together rather well.  The job is made easier still when you consider there a only around a dozen parts in the box!
So far it is serving as a nice antidote to the horrors of the Avia CS.199 with which it currently shares the table.


Al said...

Nice, painting the pilot too Tim?

Tim Gow said...

Fritz the pilot will be treated to some rudimentary brushwork before the canopy is secured in place.

Pete. said...

A wonderfully bonkers aircraft. Great start to the kit too.



Tim Gow said...

Bonkers is good - and no fragile propellers to break!

David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

On a point of detail there is a propeller on this aircraft....;-)

All the best,

P. Dantic

Tim Gow said...

David Crook
Back under your rock sir!