Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kuwaiti Police

Posting the report on Jahra reminded of the two bases of Police I assembled for the game.  I knew that they had access to some elderly Saladin armoured cars, but the rest was pure conjecture on my part.
The Police company.  I used GHQ 'insurgent' figures which are equipped with AKs and wearing berets - they seemed to look the part.  The Toyota pickup truck is another (very useful!) GHQ casting.
The Saladin troop - again this is a GHQ model.  I have always rather liked the Saladin family (Saracen, Stalwart) as it looks a very well-balanced design.


Paul said...

That Saladin looks perfect. The wheels and hub are spot on and look much better than my JB/Airfix kit.

Great work and interesting stands.

Tim Gow said...

As models go I think the GHQ Saladin is perfect. Imhave the Airfix version in 'stock' but no plans for it as yet.