Sunday, 18 March 2012

Don Featherstone's Air War Games

The most exciting Item of post I received last week was a proof copy of the new edition of this classic Wargames book. The original was one of the first Wargames books I read and has long been a favourite of mine. I was delighted therefore, when John Curry who is republishing this book as part of his History of Wargaming Project asked me if he could include my Sturmstaffel game. The other new games which are included in this edition are On a Wing and a Prayer by John Armatys and Ian Drury's Rolling Thunder.
Further discussions with John saw me being asked to contribute photos. As a result, all of the photos of toys in the book were taken by me and feature models in my collection. While some were shamelessly posed, most were actually taken during games and have appeared previously on this very blog!
The cover shows my bodged together 1/144 Amiot 354 being pursued by a Bf110.
I also re-wrote the chapter on the availability of model aircraft as the 1966 original was already (and inevitably) very out of date by the time I first encountered the book in 1977.
John tells me the book will be available in the next few weeks - see the HoW website for more.


Conrad Kinch said...

Well that will be another one for the bookshelves.

Peter Douglas said...


Well done - it's on my wish list!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


If (or I hope rather when) we meet up (at CoWs or Convention or the like) I'll be sure to make you sign my copy (this book joins a long list of other ones I need to to acquire)

Well done!

Ross Mac said...

Well done! Being a collaborator in a book by Don is a major coup and well deserved!

Don M said...

cudos on your collaboration!

Stephen Beat said...

Congratulations! Although I don't even war game I'm tempted to buy this just to see how air warfare can be simulated on a table top... Fascinating.

Paul said...

Tim, every day brings a new surprise with you.

Well done, I will have to get a copy and drool over the eye candy contained.

Pat on the back and well deserved.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks chaps - having been influenced by reading this book at an impressionable age, I am delighted to have been able to contribute to the new edition. I certainly never exected that when I was eagerly leafing thought the original in Monifieth library in 1977!

Pete. said...

Nice to know it has been expanded upon for its republication. I think I'll pick up this edition rather than look out for an old copy of the original.



Tim Gow said...

That'll probably be a cheaper option too!