Friday, 19 August 2016

Somme day I'll find you - part 4

 During a final short, sharp bombardment, the troops assembled to go 'over the top'.
Two brigades were deployed, each of four battalions.  I provided one brigade comprised of one regular battalion and three of the newly raised 'Pals' battalions.   I decided to name each of the figures in the Pals battalions to get the full effect of the appalling casualties suffered by some such units in July 1916.
These were 1st Battalion of The Black Watch, This was my 'local' regiment and Armies in Plastic obligingly make a set of figures in kilts and Glengarries.  The 'Pals' units were:
12 Battalion, York & Lancaster Regiment (Sheffield City Battalion).  I named these figures after members of Sheffield Wargames Society.
1 & 2 Battalions, the (fictional) South Midland Regiment.  Better know as The Knuston Pals, the figures of these battalions were names after attendees at this year's Conference of Wargamers.

 The other brigade was provided by PW and JW.  It's units included The Accrington Pals and that rather less well know unit, The Harrogate Loose Acquaintances.
 At Zero Hour whistles were blown (no really) and the troops went over the top.  Here the Sheffield City Battalion surges forth.
 The Black Watch advance in a professional manner. 
At that very moment the British mine was detonated.  We had chosen one of the German MG bunkers near the junction of the communication trench to the rear.
 The resulting immense crater was scattered with corpses.
So after massive bombardment, a successful mine detonation and with overwhelming numbers the attack would surely succeed.  Wouldn't it?


Pete. said...

As fun as the game looks there is something quite poignant about seeing the lines of soldiers.



Peter Douglas said...


I do not doubt that a whistle was blown. Very poignant the naming of the Pals. Did you actually blow anything up for the mine?

Don M said...

Was a very nice touch naming the troops, gives it a strong sense of reality.

Tim Gow said...

Poignant it was. The whistles, the khaki lines advancing...

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
We did carry out a controlled explosion of a party popper, then sprinkled some topsoil in the area. No model bunkers were harmed.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It started as a whim but the more I though about it the more appropriate it seemed.

KEV. said...

Hi Tim,
Particularly impressed by your efforts in 54mm Toy Plastic Armies for WW1 - so much so that I've ordered some British, Americans and Germans by Armies In Plastic (54mm) - from the is going to take about a month before the Boxes are delivered here to Sydney (AUSTRALIA). In the mean time I have your photos to refer to of your WW1 Units and Outdoor Game. Have always been a fan of H.G.Wells 'Little Wars' and certainly would like to have a crack at Garden Lawn Battle as you have done. Regards. KEV. (p.s. Have joined your Blog as a 'Follower' -see Star Trek -Enterprise ICON).

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for the kind words - and welcome the blog. The game was played using Funny Little Wars which, in case you've not already seen a copy, I can heartily recommend. The AIP figures are lovely and paint up well, regardless of whether you are going for lots of detail or - as I do - very little. I look forward to seeing your WW1 figures soon!

KEV. said...

Thanks for the reply. I've spoilt myself by ordering further WW1 AIP figures through e-bay...hoping that this second order will arrive sooner from the UK- possibly two weeks...can hardly wait to get into painting. I'm interested to know what you have used for the bases for the figures and also- how you have set up your multiple bases for the WW1 outdoor games. Look forward to following your Blog in the future...I find it all fascinating! Regards. KEV.

Tim Gow said...

Sounds like you've got it bad! Me too, but of course I can stop anytime....
My figures are based on mdf bases - mostly 3x4cm - which have a bit of magnetic sheet underneath. This works well with the thin steel stands I use to make movement easier. Infantry are usually on 8x2 inch steel.

KEV. said...

Thankyou for the very valuable information regarding Bases and sizes for your WW1 figures- you are most helpful. I cannot say that I will follow it exactly to the letter as it is early days yet...Yes, I've certainly got the Plastic Toy Soldier much so that I've packed away a smaller scale project and starting tomorrow I will begin to draw up the plans for a Toy WW1 British Tank in 1/32nd...hopefully I can build a Tank before the AIP figure boxes arrive from the UK....already have visions of a Garden Lawn WW1 Battle - as it is said: "It's all bigger than Ben-Hur". Regards. KEV.

KEV. said...

Thought to let you know this evening I've ordered a copy of FUNNY LITTLE WARS upon your previous recommendation..the book should be here in a week or so. I've had a copy of H.G.Wells 'Little Wars' for eons - if FLW is anything like the older book of Mr Wells - then it will be great to refer too and have it for Toy Soldiers.
Also,looking forward to me Armies In Plastic Arriving from the US and UK - the first batch should be here in a fortnight. All the Best. Regards. KEV.

Tim Gow said...

Keep me posted as to your progress.