Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Somme day I'll find you - part 3

 For the second air phase the RFC decided on a single recce 'plane with a heavy fighter escort.

 One of the fighters was French - piloted by none other then Guynemer himself.  Having visited his memorial a few months ago it seemed only fair.
 The beastly Boche put up the by now usual cloud of Fokkers.

 A messy scrap was soon underway high above no-mans land.

 A British fighter was soon plummeting earthwards, it's pilot slumped lifeless over the controls.

 The recce 'plane also took hits and turned for home

 Freed of his escort duties, Guynemer had a go at the German observation balloon...
...and hit the thing!  While several hits would be needed to disable the gasbag, it had at least suffered a slow puncture.  Good enough for a 'kill', we agreed.


Ken H said...

I feel I should comment as I visit your posts frequently to remind me of the "fun" element in wargaming, which I love. This is probably the first game I've seen that could turn into a wargames barbecue meeting! Great stuff, and the photos help enormously! Whether it's your funny cold wars, creative conversions from unlikely "donor" die casts or kits, or this latest foolishness in the dangerous skies above South Yorkshire, it's all tremendous fun. Rarely has the phrase "over the top" and "Somme" been so brilliantly wittily linked - please keep it Up!

Tim Gow said...

Ken H
Thanks for your kind and encouraging words Ken. It is my experience that the fun games are often the best simulations. There's still more of this game yet to come, along with a cut-down indoor version I ran last night.

Pete. said...

Looks like great fun Tim.

Although I have to say you are a braver man than me trusting your toys to a blob of blutack on a stick.



Tim Gow said...

A more 'scientific' method is being investigated....