Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ligny 1815 - the rematch

At the Emperor's insistence we again gathered at Ligny to see if a different result would emerge.
Once again John played Blucher, and even brought along a windmill for the great man to stand beside.
Having grumbled - with some justification - about his cards in the last game, this time the Emperor had a cracking opening hand.
Jerry (wearing my hat) does some world-class pointing.
The fun started on the Prussian left with a dramatic charge by the Landwehr lancers.
More Landwehr - this time occupying La Haye.
I have played Ligny many times with at least four different rulesets and two figure scales over the years.  The troop density and terrain means it's always a bloodbath.
French cavalry clatter over the bridge to La Haye.
Blood is spilled on both sides.
All quiet in the centre, but in the distance there are moves aplenty.
The battle for La Haye soon intensified as the French fed in light (left) and Young Guard infantry.
The French rush the wood near St Amand...
...which goes surprisingly well.
La Haye soon fell...
...even as Blucher rushed forward reinforcements.
French cavalry watching from a safe distance.
The French soon had to repel a Prussian attack on La Haye
French troops in possession of St Amand
There was some outrageous dice rolling which the Prussians had the best of.  Here they blow away a French unit...
...while riflemen in the woods eliminated the Guard(!) artillery.  Ouch.
A further French attack set out to deal with the riflemen...
 ...but stalled in mid-stream.  Note, however the weakened garrison of Ligny near the bridges.

At this point the excitement proved too much and I forgot to take more photos.  In short, the French seized Ligny and as the Prussians were unable to retake it the Emperor got his victory.

This was the hardest-fought C&C game we have played - and at 2 hours, by far the longest!  When Blucher suggested 'best of three', the Emperor wearily muttered something in what may well have been his native Corsican.  Loosely translated I think it was "no."


Tom Young said...

Very nice game, and nice brush work!

Martin Rapier said...

Hurrah, Vive la France. Well done Emperor Jerry, I'm sure he did a better job than I would have.

So, are we going to play all thr 100 days battles repeatedly until we get the right result?:)

Tim Gow said...

Tom Young
Nice brush work indeed - but none of it mine!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Thought you'd be pleased. And yes - why not?