Tuesday, 25 August 2015

a weekend of painting

I managed to get a fair bit of time to paint at the weekend.  The focus is still very much on churning out figures for the Waterloo game next month.  The first two photos were taken on Friday evening...
 ...showing a variety of odds and ends, including these old Airfix French Guards.
 Among the figures progressed were these command figures from the Irregular range and the mounted officer from the Italeri command set.

I'll post photos soon of some other recently completed figures just as soon as the varnish dries.


Brian Carrick said...

Your prodigious industry puts us all to shame Tim.
PS what varnish are you using these days?

Tim Gow said...

Brian Carrick
I don't think I'll ever catch up with you! For the moment theyve just had a blast of spray Matt varnish. I may gloss them when time allows.