Thursday, 6 August 2015

Yet another box of delights

Just as I was congratulating myself on getting rid of some toys to Sheffield Club member Pete Scholey, he messaged me to say he had several boxes of toys for me!
Along with some of the old bendy plastic Airfix HO/OO tanks, there were quite a few 1/32 Napoleonic figures.  With the Waterloo 200 game looming this lot is a very timely acquisition!
I reckon there are about 60 infantry and a few cavalry - mostly with tatty but salvageable paintwork.
The best painted figures are this quartet.  Any idea who they are?


Red_Cardinal said...

Tim, those are Hat "Brunswick Avante Guard".

I was at the SESWC wargames show in Edinburgh last weekend and there was a 54mm Napoleonic game. It looked fabulous!

Tim Gow said...

Red Cardinal
Many thanks! I wondered if they were Brunswickers - the saucy black garb was a clue.

Conrad Kinch said...

Hmmm...I see Brunswick Avant Garde, some Frog infantry, what look like some Dutchmen I think, Frog Dragoons and some British Heavies plus some of those BMC cannon.

Good haul.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
I have now based them prior to touching up the paintwork and dousing them in varnish. There are about 30 French infantry, 8 Old Guard, the 4 Brunswickers and 20+ British inf. On the cavalry front, the 7 French Dragoons and 5 Brits will be fighting over only 11 horses. Happily I'm sure I have spare horse.