Thursday, 27 August 2015

Horsing around

When I noticed a post on the Funny Little Wars Yahoo Group offering some slightly down at heel but cheap figures I happily speculated the required tenner.  A package soon arrived from Neil P containing not only the apparently random selection above...
...but also these promising looking chaps.  They mostly seem to be Timpo figures, several with head swaps.  Clearly of some vintage, a fair bit of repair work was required, so I set to with the surgical PVA.  While that was drying I addressed the issue of horses - the package had contained only one.
Happily I had a load of these Supreme horses - which appear to be from the Italeri moulds.  Actually I have riders for them all but the figures from Neil looked much more interesting.  I can now report that all of the troopers in the second photo above have been re-horsed and are ready to take the field at Waterloo next month.  Photos soon, and thanks again to Neil!

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