Thursday, 20 June 2013

The battle of Grossenfartz - part 3

As the battle continued, the Vulgarian train trundled relentlessly onwards, running over some of their own men in the process!  The train is an old Hornby 'O' Gauge toy which may be deserving of it's own post soon.
The brave chaps of the Motor Patrol leapt from their motor car to fight off the lancers.  The survivors soon fled!
Meanwhile back at the front, Vulgarian infantry and the naval gun crew were locked in a deadly struggle!
There were still rather a lot of Vulgarians!
Just as the rear areas had been cleared of the enemy....
The Vulgarian train chuffed into town!
Soon HMAT Thomas was heading for the front - it's gunners soon rose
 to the challenge and made a few holes on the enemy formations...
...but there were still - you've guessed it - loads of 'em left!
A daunting view of the battle from the Anglophobian lines.

After a bitter and bloody struggle the Vulgarians cleared the Anglophobian front line.
More Vulgarian cavalry in action - they rode down most of a naval battalion.
By this time things were starting to look a bit sticky for the Navy!

Once again I will leave the last words to Commodore Mountjoy-Carruthers, courtesy of Mark H:
Alas, the tide was about to turn as the detachment from Implausible to the left of the line, was urged by it's officer (Lt. Manley-Buttockes) to leave the protection of their field works and assault the enemy artillery positions to their front. This would have no doubt ended in a resounding victory had the Vulgarian commander not unleashed his mounted reserve, backed by a battalion of their odious infantry brethren. Caught in the open and without the hope of quarter, Lt. Manley-Buttockes and his men sold themselves dearly (if somewhat quickly) and slowed down the Vulgarian steam roller for a precious 12.5 seconds.
Meanwhile to the right of the line, despite inflicting horrendous casualties on the foe, the detachment from HMS Unfeasible were overrun in a deadly exchange of steal in pluck in the trenches.


Stephen Beat said...

Smashing stuff! The O Gauge train is wonderful.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
The train has a further part to play in the forthcoming final part of this sorry tale!

Sean said...

A moment of silence for Manley-Buttockes.

Tim Gow said...

I suspect we've not heard the last of that family....