Saturday, 8 June 2013

GHQ 2013/14 new release schedule

The forthcoming year's new releases have been announced by GHQ.  As usual, my edit of this list below consists only of the 1/285 scale WW2 and Postwar models. 
At first glance it doesn't look like too expensive a year, my only 'must-have' being the G-Wagen.  I may, however, be tempted by the French infantry.  And possibly the S. Korean stuff.....
A bog-standard G-wagen

June 30, 2013

US-99               M4A2 Sherman 75mm   Sherman used by US Marines    5/pack

R-69                 M4A2 Sherman 75mm   Lend-lease, 3664 received          5/pack

SK-1                K1A1 RoK MBT in use since 2001        5/pack

G-577               Pz III M with sideskirts              5/pack

N-556               LAV III Kodiak w/ 25mm chain gun      5/pack

N-557               ASLAV- Aus/Can version of LAV 25    5/pack

R-70                 ZiS-5 Fuel Common Russian Fuel Truck             5/pack

August 31, 2013

UK-100            M4A2 Sherman 75mm with Sand Shield Lend Lease       5/pack

US-100             WC55 Dodge M6 SP with 37mm ATG   5/pack

N-558               LAV III TUA (Tow Under Armour)      5/pack

N-559               Modern German Infantry (2000-2013)    60+/pack

N-560               Modern German Heavy Weapons (2000-2013)    50+/pack

SK-2                200 KIFV Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle        5/pack

October 31, 2013

G-578               Stug III with sideskirts   5/pack

AC-98              Lavochkin La-5FN Soviet fighter, 9920 made      2/pack

N-561               LAV III ELAV Engineering Vehicle      3/pack

N-562               Modern French Infantry (2000-2013)      60+/pack

N-563               Modern French Heavy Weapons (2000-2013)     50+/pack

SK-3                K2 Black Panther Replacement for the K1A1     5/pack

November 29, 2013

Secret, surprise release.  No, we won't tell you until November 29th. ;-)

December 31, 2013

UK-101            Churchill Crocodile Flame throwing variant with trailers   3/pack

G-579               88mm PaK 43 Waffentrager      3/pack

N-564               M113AS4- Extended Aussie upgrade to M113    5/pack

N-565               Gelandewagen 4-door hardtop Used by many      5/pack

AC-99              F-35B STOVL (Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing)      1/pack

SK-4                K55A1 Korean variant of M109 5/pack
An alternative G-wagen....
February 28, 2014

G-580               7.5cm PaK 40(sp) 39 H (f) on Hotchkiss chassis             5/pack

R-71                 ZiS-6 with BM-13 Katyousha     4/pack

W-95                T-72 Bridgelayer           2/pack

AC-100            MiG 21bis Cold War fighter used by many 1/pack

IS-16                Magach 3 Modernized M48 with 105mm            5/pack

N-566               M113 FSV with Saladin 76mm, Aussie "Beast"   5/pack

April 30, 2014

G-581               10.5 cm le FH 18 (sf) 39 H (f) on Hotchkiss chassis     5/pack

US-101             M32 ARV Armoured recovery vehicle on Sherman hull    2/pack

R-72                 ZiS-5 ZiS radio and workshop variants    2/3/pack

TW-23              Ratel 81 Variant with 81mm mortar        5/pack

RC-22              ZBD05 ZBD2000 with 105mm gun        5/pack

N-567               FMTV with HIMARS    5/pack


Smillie said...

I'm yet to be "sold" on GHQ whilst the models are very nice I always think the price of them compared to other manufacturers makes them a bit unattractive. I get all my 6mm stuff from Heroic and Ros and they are far cheaper, granted the detail is not as sharp but I can get a hell of a lot more for my money.

Tim Gow said...

I quite agree with your assessment, and would encourage you to support H&R!

Ross Mac said...

75mm Sherman? About time someone came out with those. I wonder which A mine used to be?

Somehow I don't think I'm ever really going to be a treadhead or whatever the proper term is.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
I shouldn't worry about it - I had to look up about half the stuff on this list!

Paul said...

Please do not try and tempt me with a new scale Tim!

Tim Gow said...

Tempt a man of your iron willpower? As if...