Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Megablitz Game Announcement!

I am planning to run a Megablitz game at the Shrivenham Military Academy (near Swindon) on Saturday 17th August 2013. My thanks once again to Tom Mouat for facilitating this.

The scenario has yet to be finalised (or even started!) but with our most recent outing having been to the Eastern Front I think we may be due for a trip to either France or North Africa.

The game will use considerable numbers of 20mm toys and players will command divisions, corps or armies.  No prior knowledge of Megablitz is required - if you have some interest in WW2 and the desire to spend a jolly day pushing toys around you're clearly the right sort of chap.  Or chapess.
The cost of the day (including lunch) is likely to be in the region of £12

Given the timescale, I need to know who will be attending as a matter of some urgency!  At the present time I am seeking expressions of interest, with payment not being required until mid July.  If you are interested in attending the game please let me know via the Megablitz Yahoo Group.
Clearly if you already have my other contact details feel free to use them.

Further announcements will be made on this blog and the Yahoo group.

The cast list so far (12 August 2013):
Tim Gow, Tom Mouat, John Bassett, John Armatys, Jim Wallman, Fred Cartwright, Phil Steele, Jerry Elsmore, Adrian Hussey, Wayne Thomas, Peter Antill, Harry Kelly, Colin Maby, Trevor Ringrose, Guy Farrish, Bob Cordery, Chros Ager, James Cotgrave, Charles Singleton, Rob Cooper, Chris Kemp.


Paul said...


Tim Gow said...

I can already consider it a success then!

Al said...

Same as Paul, one year I'd like to attend

Chris Kemp said...

Would like to come please Tim.

Regards, Chris

Tim Gow said...

It's a hell of a trek for you but you'd be most welcome!

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
OK - you're in!