Tuesday, 14 February 2012

USMC Tank Battalion

The search for more HUMMWVs to photograph led me to the drawer which contains the various Coalition units I put together a few years ago for a series of 1990/91 Gulf War games using my NATO Brigade Commander game.  Rather than just take photos of the HUMMWVs I'll treat you to complete units, starting off with this US Marine Tank Battalion.  No flashy M-1s for these lads, who were still racking up miles on their venerable M-60s.  These tanks had recently been through an upgrade programme, the most visible evidence of which was the blocks of reactive armour. 
All models by GHQ, painted and based by me in 2006/7.
In NBC each stand represents a company-size unit.  These are two of the battalion's tank companies.
The complete battalion - three tank companies and an AT company with HUMMWV-mounted TOW.
A closer view of the AT co.


Paul said...

Perfect Marine M60's. Really nicely done.

Of course it goes without saying that more pics of HUMMWV's are always welcome.

How did this Unit fare in action?

Tim Gow said...

Plenty more HUMMWVs still to come. I'd originally played the 'Kuwait Airport' scenario a couple of times using some older toys (see previous post) and all was well. Needless to say, first time out with the new toys the Iraqis took them apart!

Al said...

Nice work Tim, takes me back a bit

Tim Gow said...

No unpleasant flashbacks I hope?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice Kit, I am a big fan of the small 1/300 or 1/285 scale for modern

Tim Gow said...

I've always liked this scale - especially given the high quality toys now available.