Monday, 3 January 2011

Sheffield Games Day -3- Mokra, 1939

This time round, Martin climbed aboard his Panzerbefhelswagen while I had to make do with a command horse.  Once again 2 PD formed the core of the German force, with some chums from 3 PD helping to form the second Panzer Regiment.  Having used (correctly) the Wolynska Cavalry Brigade for the earlier game, we decided to give my other brigade, Mazowska, an outing. 
The game progressed much as per my previous reports, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  Here the Aufkl Abt fans out to look for the Poles - finding cavalry north of the road, infantry in the south and an AT company astride the road.
Turn 2 - more cavalry is discovered in Mokra and the woods in the north.
The panzers approach the increasingly worried AT gunners.
Turn 3 - the second Pz Regt concentrates (in a very unsporting manner) on the dug in cavalry regt in the woods.  Meanwhile Armoured Train No.53 has arrived in support....
...but so have the Stukas.  The battle didn't go well for the Poles.
Another view of the flying artillery.
In the south, the Polish recce, in the shape of a Wz.29 armoured car company engages in a bit of fancy footwork with their German opposite numbers.
The Polish reserve cav regt arrives near the front...
...and is promptly set upon by an entire panzer regt.  The AT roadblock meanwhile is getting a battering from more panzers and Stukas.
View from a plunging Stuka.
The cavalry are overrun and the Polish recce scarpers.
The AT roadblock managed to survive...
...despite the panzer menace.
The Polish armoured counterattack trundles round Mokra as the German recce flees.  That's my story anyway.  Speaking of fleeing, that's what the train was about to do.
The game concluded with the Poles bugging out at around 1800hrs as 2 PD consolidated it's position on the east side of the railway.  Playing time for this game was under two hours.


Bill said...

Love the game! If I might suggest,
could you do a photo shoot of the units involved like your standard
Megablitz units?

Tim Gow said...

I did 2 PD a while ago - simply add a second (3 btl)Pz Rgt and remove all the stuff stuck in traffic (artillery, AA etc). I will do a post on the Polish cavalry. In fact I'll do two, since I have two brigades.

Don M said...

Tim Gow said...I will do a post on the Polish cavalry. In fact I'll do two, since I have two brigades.

Very cool Tim , great game and can't wait to see more of the Polish cavalry!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
OK - I'll do both and you can play spot the difference.

Al said...

Inspirational, planning something Polish myself. Always nice to see something a bit different

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - I think the Poles are overlooked by wargamers because the overall campaign was so one-sided. We did the Bzurza counterattack a few years ago (in 6mm) - I'll see if I took any photos.

Martin Rapier said...

I don't think we took any pics of Bzurza, it was a good few years ago now (back end of 2006?).

Rather a sticky wicket for the Germans as I recall.

Next time remind me that rooting entrenched dismounted cavalry out of woods is a job for infantry, not panzers. Guderian did say we were supposed to go around AT gun screens though....

Tim Gow said...

No photos of Bzurza - I've had a look. Perhaps the tank/infantry co-operation wil be better in France next year?