Sunday, 30 January 2011

Soviet Air Assault Brigade - part 1

For the first time in many months, I have this weekend made some progress with my 6mm toys.  As usual, I have far too many projects on the go, and the Air Assault Brigade was started some months ago when I sorted out and assembled all the toys and sprayed on the base coat.
The vehicles for the AAB.  All GHQ models, undercoated with Humbrol 'Grass Green' (spray paint).
This unit has been put together for use with my NATO Brigade Commander rules, and will be based for use with my 'desert' Hexon tiles.  I will post further photos as progress is made. 
The infantry (also GHQ) and vehicles, along with a few other odds and ends being painted at the same time.
This will actually be my third (and final?) AAB - the others having 'snow' and green bases.  The organisation of all three is similar - two para battalions and two air assault battalions in BMDs, together with company-sized units of AT, recce, artillery and AA. 
The toys in this case are all from the GHQ range, the figures and heavy weapons being a mix of their Russian (W68 & W69) and 'Brushfire Warriors' (TW8 & TW9) - the latter chosen as they are wearing berets.


west1871 said...

Man they are small!!!!I have no idea how you paint them mate.
Nice looking army by the way!

Cheers Rich.

Paul´s Bods said...

OOOH they are tiny!!!! My eyes!! :-D
I have tried recently to paint American WWII 6mm, but all I ended up with was a green looking blob.
Respect on the Painting of these little n´s

Tim Gow said...

My painting is a long way short of great, but if there's demand I'd be happy to do a 'how to' post on painting 6mm figures and vehicles.

Tim Gow said...

They're smaller, so I paint very little detail on. From 3ft away they look OK.