Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Type 97 Chi-Ha - part 2

The Type 97s (and some other Jap vehicles) are now finished!  The Airfix Chi-Ha was a kit I recall building (badly) in the late '70s.  That original is long gone, but following a burst of activity I now seem to have quite a fleet of Japanese tanks. 
Both of my 'new' Airfix Chi-Has traverse the undulating ground of the wargames table.
I simplified the camo scheme, and after a heavy dose of drybrushing it doesn't look too bad.
This is another Airfix '97 which came from Chris Kemp.  In an inspired move, Chris replaced the missing tracks with planked plastic sheet. 
 That's it for the Airfix Type 97s, but photos of more Japanese tanks will follow.


Beccas said...

Great work.

Don M said...

Looks pretty good Tim give my complements to Chris, good idea on
the plastic sheeting!

Paul said...

Magnificent work. This Japanese phase is a real treat.

Great idea with the tracks, I will put that on my backburner.

Cheers Paul

Tim Gow said...

Beccas, Don, Paul
Thanks guys. I am feeling quite pleased to have finished another small batch of toys. Stay tuned for more Chi-Ha tracks-related drama!

west1871 said...

Nice looking tanks mate,you did a great job with camo.My first go was awful.

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

I'm quite pleased with the result. No precision but lots of weathering. It seems to work for me.