Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Polish 10 Motorised Cavalry Brigade

More Poles now and not a horse in sight!  This brigade was one of only two motorised formations in Poland in 1939 (the other being the Warsaw Motorised Brigade). My representation of it is something of a lash-up but it needed doing.  That's what I keep telling myself.
The complete brigade.
Bde HQ                  Car                                  1 SP
Tank Btl                  TK or TKS                      2 SP
                               7TP or Vickers E             1 SP
2 Mot Inf Btl           Inf in truck                        3 SP
Art Btl                    75mm gun (10km range)   2 SP
                              tractor                               2 LOG

The scary Armoured Battalion - TK by Miltra and 7TP by Red Star.
The infantry.  This helps to explain why the 10th was known as the 'Black Brigade' - it's personnel wore the old German M1916 helmet with black leather greatcoats.  Very sexy.  All figures are by FAA  Note the bloke at the right of the frame with a BAR.  The trucks are in fact Krupp Protze by Matchbox (left) and Eidai.  I read somewhere long ago that the Poles bought some Protzes before the war and painted these accordingly.  I now understand that to be incorrect but somehow they look the part.  The Matchbox Krupp had been badly crushed before I acquired and rebuilt it.
The Artillery Btl.  Halftrack by Frontline and French M1897 gun by Hinchliffe.
The Brigade CO (and friend).  Polski-Fiat 508 car is a metal & resin kit of unknown make.
Still to come from the Polish boxes -  more artillery


Bartender said...

The vehicles and artillery are very well painted. The large grey trucket is my favourite followed by the tanks and artillery.

Tim Gow said...

I understand that a lot of Polish vehicles were plain green, but it seems a shame not to paint such a distinctive camo pattern. They can't really be mistaken for anything else, can they?

Paul´s Bods said...

Curses!! I was thinking "I must ask what make the car is" and then I read unknown model :-(
Never mind, i ´d probably get it and it would sit waiting for my attention for a couple of years anyway.
Nice looking set..I don´t think I´ve ever seen a Polish WWII battle group before.

Tim Gow said...

The car may be by FAA - It sat around for a few years before being built, then for a further few before I painted it last year.

Al said...

Nice collection, early war stuff is my absolute fav:)

Tim Gow said...

I just need to come up with a scenario using 10 Mot now!

Don M said...

The Poles have trucks? LOL, Ok I know they did, am with you in your
doing the very nice distinctive camo pattern ...well done Tim.

Paul said...

What a fantastic unit. It has it all, fast cars, tiny tanks and black leather wearing stormtrooper helmeted troopers!

Great work.