Saturday, 8 January 2011

49 (West Riding) Division - part 5

The divisional recce regt is represented by a Daimler Armored Car (Hasegawa model picked up at a show) and this M3 Scout Car.  This conversion of the Airfix half track is the work of John G Robertson, with some repairs by me.
The divisional RASC column.  The Austin K-3 lorry is a metal kit by MMS.
Another view of the K-3.
The Artillery Regiments - more 25 pounders!  Actually both of these guns were cobbled together from the spares box - hence the unusual towing vehicles.
For the senior regiment I used a spare Morris C8.  Well, it's a Quad of sorts.  This is the Matchbox model from the 17 pdr kit.
The second 25pdr is towed by this rather dodgy looking Morris 15cwt truck.  This is one of three such conversions I made of the Arifix Bofors Tractor (the other two have yet to be painted).  The front of the kit is pretty standard and the rear axle is located midway between the mounts for the usual two axles.  The rear structure is built up from lumps of balsa and topped off with a tilt from a ROCO model.  Considering all that, it doesn't look too bad!
That's all on this unit for the time being, but I really must build it a Bofors gun.


Don M said...

just a side note your link to Chris Kemp NQM is wrong it's:

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice Trucks

I like them lots, the new Airfix kits look good too

Paul said...

The cobbled together effect serves you well Tim. The Airfix M3 conversion actually looks better than the real scout car I think.

west1871 said...

nice looking unit.Some intresting bits of kit there.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks guys - it is definitely a unit which looks better than it's parts might lead you to expect.
Link corrected Don - thanks.