Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Battle of Mokra, 1939 - part 2

Historically, the main German force was 4 Panzer Division.  I used 2PD with some extra tanks looted from the 'depots' (boxfiles) of 3PD and 19PD.

Turn 1 - 0600-0800
The game commenced at first light, with the German recce screen probing the Polish positions.  Armoured car patrols on the road reported the presence of Polish infantry and AT guns.  The recce did not engage.

Turn 2 - 0800-1000
More recce is carried out.  A cavalry regt is identified in Mokra and reported as having 2SP (actually 3).
Meanwhile a less effective survey of the woods south of Mokra reveals only the presence of cavalry, not their strength.
It's not just the German recce which is active - here the Wolynska's armoured car co crosses the railway heading west.
Turn 3 - 1000-1200
A very busy Aufklarungs Kp finds yet more Polish cavalry - this time in the northern woods.  Again their strength is under reported as 2SP.  Nothing new is reported in the south (on the Klobuck road).
By this time the Panzers (all two regiments of them!) have arrived...
...and been spotted by the Polish armoured cars.
Turn 4 - 1200-1400
As the Polish HQ becomes aware of the developing attack the tankette squadron is sent forward to repel the invaders.  Good luck with that!

Pz Rgt 4 presses forward to attack, supported by Stukas.  The attack focuses on the Mokra position, and the Poles defend with a cavalry regiment, with support from the (telephone-linked) artillery and Train No.53.  The artillery car of the armoured train was made by plating over an open wagon and adding a pair of 1/87 scale BT-7 turrets.  That's fine for it's intended use as a Russian train, but maybe I need to make a Polish wagon?
There are casualties on both sides, but the panzers suffer greater losses than they expected.
Turn 5 - 1400-1600

Meanwhile further south, Pz Rgt 3 engages the infantry regiment which suffers heavy losses.  The Polish recce has sensibly scarpered.
Overview of the battlefield.  The attack on Mokra continues with Pz Rgt 4 suffering more losses.
With their attacks stalled (except in the south), what next for the Germans?


Don M said...

Great looking game Tim! I particularly liked gallant
last stand (also it's first lol)
of the Polish tankette, also fine
work on the armored train!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for your comment. Let's face it - the tankettes were never going to last long!

Al said...

Original idea for a game, am looking at doing a Polish one too, though kit is a bit limited

Tim Gow said...

There is loads of stuff available to put together a Polish force - I have it in 20mm and 6mm!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Oh those brave Poles!

That Panzer family (PzI, PzII and PzIII) is a nice way of representing a regiment in your rules

Tim Gow said...

Brave Poles indeed. Coming soon(ish) - plucky Belgians. The panzers are actually I, II & IV - the III still being a relative rarity in 1939. Nothing if not accurate, my games...

Sławek Chomiczewski said...

An interesting scenario.


Tim Gow said...

Slawek C
Glad you liked it. Did you read all 3 parts? I ran the same game the following month.