Friday, 5 November 2010

1/144 scale aircraft - Messerschmitt Bf 109

As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I use 1/144 scale aircraft with my 20mm toys.  Sounds odd but strangely look right.  In the early 1990s when the Megablitz project got underway there were really only a few Revell kits on the market but over the past few years the internet has allowed access to more manufacturers and in particular the partly pre-built Japanese kits (known as Gashapon, or trading kits).

As a result I now have quite a collection of aircraft, and the range of kits available has been widened by conversions and what I call scratch-bodging.  Anyway, sticking for the moment with the more straightforward end of the spectrum I give you the Bf 109 in various guises.

First up is a Bf 109E - in this case the Revell kit built straight from the box.
Same kit but a different paint job (and the longer tropical air intake).  This was painted 'in memory' of the Matchbox 1/72 kit I had many years ago.  Both of these Revell models look a bit knocked about.  They are - having seen much use.
Next and E (left) and F from one of the Japanese ranges (F-Toys, Wing Club - I forget which).  These are rather lovely models and I confess that they bore the very neat paintwork when they left the factory.  These simply needed a bit of assembly and some markings added for completion.  This type of model make very satisfactory wargames toys and I seem to have acquired rather a lot of them.
Finally back to a 'proper' plastic kit, this time a Bf 109G by Eduard.  This rather splendid model was built and painted for me by Nick Mitchell.  It last saw action over Arnhem, in a sky full of Typhoons and Spitfires.  It didn't last long, but then the nicely painted toys never do.
Next time - the Bf 110 heavy fighter.


Paul said...

Great post. I think 144th scale is the way to go for war gaming air assets.

More please Sah!

Tim Gow said...

Great minds... I have already taken photos for the BF110 feature which will be next, but I'm open to resuests after that - any preferences?


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice kit I remember those Revell kits

I forever regret losing sight of a Dornier and Stuka kit one great clear-out when I moved "cities"

Tim Gow said...

The Revell kits are a bit rough and ready (keep the filler handy) but they had the advantage of being available and cheap - I remember paying about £1.25 each for the smaller kits in the mid 1990s. I don't recall a Dornier though.