Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Megablitz units - 2 Panzer Division

In response to overwhelming (well some) demand, here is the first in a series of postings about individual Megablitz units.  The purpose is to show what the various units look like and to demonstrate how easy (and cheap!) they are to build.

First up we have 2 Panzer Division, one of my original MB units.  This represents the division as it might have appeared in 1941, after the Panzer Divisions had been slimmed down to a single Panzer Regiment each.  For the 1940 version simply add more tanks - that is, pinch them from another division.

The first photo shows the complete division with (front) HQ & staff, recce; (centre) 2 Schutzen Regts, Panzer Regt; (rear) Artillery Regt, Flak, Pioneer, Panzerjager and Transport Battalions.  Most stands represent battalion-sized units, although the recce stands are companies.
The Div HQ  - Esci PzBefwg I and Opel bus by S&S or Archer Models - I forget.

Schutzen (later Panzergrenadiers) in Esci Sdkfz 125/1C and MMS Kfz70 Horch.  The infantry were picked up already painted - I think they are all FAA figures - and very nice they are too.  Vehicles were all flung together and roughly daubed by me.  All based on balsa wood.

Panzer IVE (quick conversion from Esci kit), Pz IIIH (bodged from Esci IIIM kit) and Pz II (Esci again).

Matchbox Wespe with ammo carrier - not a challenging conversion!

Sdkfz 7 with quad 20mm by Roco and PzJag I by Fujimi.

Engineers to the front!  Another Esci kit built (more or less) as per the instructions.

The all important logistic tail.  Normally represented by 2 lorries (that's what we Brits call a truck ov over about 1 ton capacity), 2PD has a Roco (very postwar) MAN and a fuel trailer (kit maker unknown).

The Aufkl Abt or Recce Btl.  Fujimi Sd 222, Esci Pz I, Matchbox Sd 231, unknown motorcycle, Matchbox Sd 232.

Coming next - German 11 Infantry Division and the first instalment of the Luftwaffe.  After that - I'm open to requests.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ah that Panzer Grey, for mr forever associated with:

Tamiya German Grey XF-63

Nice formation Tim

Al said...

A very very nice collection

Paul said...

I am most impressed by this Division. Well set out and based, and great painting.

More please Tim!

SoA Shows North said...

Very enjoyable pictorial browse, Tim - thanks. Looking forward to future installments. Especially if and when the Red Army makes an appearance.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for the encouraging words guys. The Panzer Grey is in fact Humbrol from a spray can. I think I can probably scrape together enough Russians to fill a photo...

Don M said...

You know I'd like to see a few big shots of your entire German, Soviet,
British, and what ever else forces
you have....not all on one table mind you...)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
You don't want much, do you? Keep looking, and if we both live long enough I'll eventually have posted photos of all the toys. It'll take while...