Tuesday, 9 November 2010

John G Robertson - 20mm conversions

Following on from my post about 14 Panzer Division (http://megablitzandmore.blogspot.com/2010/09/14-panzer-division.html) which contained a number of 1960s vintage conversions by my old friend John G Robertson, I have now photographed more of his conversions and present them here for your edification.

All built by JR with repairs, paintwork and basing by me.  While the builds may be a bit iffy, it must be remembered that these all pre-date the models depicted being made available in any format in this scale,and indeed they were built before the flood of conversion articles in Airfix Magazine in the 1970s.  As such they should, I think, be regarded as pioneering works.  At any rate, they have great charm and all get used in games.

First up we have a slightly mysterious artillery piece - I think this was intended to be either a German 150mm or a Russian 152mm.  It consists largely of Airfix 5.5 parts, together with the shield from an '88'.  Whether it's German or Russian it currently serves in 8 SS Cavalry Division 'Florian Geyer'.  Britannia crew painted by Steve Briddon.  Actually 8SSKD hasn't been out to play for a while - I'll have to write it into a game.
Scammell tractor - a fairly straightforward adaptation of the tank transporter tractor with a new hindquarters donated by a Matador.  This currently earns it's keep as part of the REME strength of XXX Corps.
Another XXX Corps REME vehicle - this time a Forward Repair Vehicle based on the M3 halftrack.
I think this is a T-19 - a 105mm armed halftrack - seen here a a substitute for an M3GMC in a British Recce Regiment.  It's a halftrack with a gun, so that's close enough for me!
An Airfix Sherman died so that this M7 Priest (or is it a Sexton?) may live.  This now serves as part of Canadian 4th Armoured Division.
On to the Russians now - an SU-85 built on a T-34 hull.
I really love these next two.  Firstly a BA-10 armoured car.  The front end is from an M3 halftrack with a modified Sherman turret.  Much bigger than it should be (the 'real thing' is surprisingly small) but the proportions are pretty good.  I left this one in JR's original colour scheme and simply added drybrushing.
Finally a BA-64 armored car.  This is a fantastic model - again bigger than it should be, but then the real BA-64 is implausibly small.  The main donor has been the Sdkfz 234 armoured car.
There are a few more to follow when I locate them - including a Sherman Crab, Panzer I and Carden-Lloyd Tankette.


Fire at Will said...

Great, I wish I'd kept my old conversions for nostalgia like this. Especially the sdkfz 7 tractor converted to an oversize sdkfz 251. A sdkfz 234 8 rad became a 6 rad somehow, etc.

Tim Gow said...

I know what you mean - when I think of some of the stuff I've 'lost' over the years - maybe 'models I have mislaid' could be the subject of a other post?
Stay tuned for versions of both the models you mention.

Arquinsiel said...

Looks like it's a Priest. The Sexton has teh more distinctive 25lber gun, whereas this looks rather 105mil.

Tim Gow said...

I agree about the gun but the shape of the rear hull left the question open. Anyway, who cares - it's a great model and makes a change from the (many) Matchbox and Nitto M-7s lurking in my boxes.

Stephen Beat said...

Terrific stuff! I love these conversions...My favourite is the faux-BA-10! Brilliant! :)

Chris Kemp said...

It's always a pleasure seeing early conversions like these. The smell of nostalgia is wafting out of the screen ..... and it smells of polystyrene cement, plasticene and banana oil.

Regards, Chris.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Glad you like 'em. The BA-10 is vastly over scale but looks somehow right.