Monday, 3 July 2017

Memorial de Verdun - European Road Trip Day four, part 3

Near Douaumont is this new museum.  I say new as it was only opened in early 2016.
The building contains some very well presented displays of 'big toys'.  I was particularly taken with this Berliet lorry

 French 105mm 
  French 90mm M1877
 Field kitchen.  I'm not now sure if this is French or German.
 The 90mm again.

 Various trench mortars.

 Part of the impressive display of small arms.
  Repro Fokker E.1 and Nieuport 17.  Models in 1:1 scale!

 Limber for French '75.
 Carrier pigeon basket. 
 another field kitchen  
 Models of German and French observation balloons.


Pete. said...

Great pictures Tim.



Chris Kemp said...

Are we to imagine the following conversation between two German forward observers?

"Was ist diese grosse grune und yellow camouflaged Sausage floatink above ze fransozische lines? Neffer mind, zere must be an innocent explanation for it!"

Regards, Chris

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - it seems only fair to share them!

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
"...never mind Hans, at least it's not ein other crappy plastic bottle covered mit der emulsion paint..."