Friday, 28 July 2017

Kakstadt Gap, July 1979 - part 2

Following the NATO air recce an airstrike arrived to paste the border defences.  This French F-100D Super Sabre has appeared in previous games - it is one of my more photogenic models.
The NATO planning map.  It is marked with the air recce routes.  North is to the right, to NATO forces were to emerge through the worryingly narrow Kakstadt Gap in the west (top of the image).  The border defences were held by a couple of motor rifle companies with borders guards and other bits and pieces further to the rear.  More news on the DDR forces as they become visible.  A SAM site was identified east of the railway and an air defence battery (Shilka?) north of the village.
The NATO SF detachments were at the Stasi HQ(!) in the schloss and at the tractor factory - the latter detachment disguised as DDR border guards.
Toys were deployed as required - not least because of the constant threat of rain!
The initial NATO air raid.  The Luftwaffe contributed a pair of F-104, the French an F-100D and an F-84G.
The F-84 had emerged from the Partizan Plane Purchase last year.
The Stasi search for SF radio signals.
DDR HQ deploys forwards.
The NATO strike planes fly off - risking SAM and Shilka on the way home.


Pete. said...

1/72nd garden air wargames look superb.



Conrad Kinch said...

Gripping stuff - I look forward to seeing it develop.

Tim Gow said...

Even in the rain!

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
Hopefully I shall continue to grip you sir!

Ross Mac said...

I don't think I want to want to even see that response so shall see the pretty pictures instead.

Hopefully all players are chatting through headsets in a group cell call. "Red Two Pull Up! You've got one on your tail"