Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bastogne - European Road Trip Day five, part 1

Back across the border to Belgium now, where we have moved smoothly from 1916 to 1944!  We parked up in Place du General Patton and crossed the road to Place General McAuliffe.  Here there is a preserved Sherman.

The bust of the General commemorates his role as commander of 101st Airborne Div during the Ardennes offensive in 1944.
This dodgy character was spotted near the Sherman.

Speaking of Shermans, there are more in the relatively new Bastogne War museum, just north of town.  We walked - after a morning driving we were ready for a bit of a stretch.
I rather enjoyed this photo of King Leopold inspecting a 47mm AT gun.  The perky little dog rather detracts from the warlike tone of the scene!
Being an indoor museum many of the exhibits were tricky to photograph well.
Nice Hetzer in 'ambush' camo.
VW Kubel with SS markings.
Another Sherman - this one took a hit right between the reinforced armour areas.

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