Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I hear that terrain a comin'

Last Wednesday it was back to the Old West.  The Hollywood low-budget version.
The five players represented the Sheriff (OK, the new Sheriff...), the Preacher and three gangs of notorious gunslingers - The Big Hat Gang, The Blue Hat Gang and The Leather Chaps.
All toys and buildings from my own collection.  Players were invited to bring their own silly hats.
The town had grown a bit since last time.  As usual a simple set of 'rules' governing movement was overlaid with matrix arguments.
As the Blue Hat Gang swaggered into town their leader got into a brawl with a Deputy and knocked him down.  He repaired to the saloon to drown his sorrows.
The assembled players.  From left - Richard (Leather Chaps), John G (Blue Hat Gang), Martin (Sheriff), Jerry (Big Hat Gang), John A (Preacher).

The Sheriff (in black waistcoat with rifle) was keeping an eye on things but here comes the Big Hat Gang!
The dodgy duo of Leather Chaps in the foreground centre appeared to be digging a hole but a Deputy was taking an interest... distract him Richard argued that the Deputy was going off to investigate the hotel bar.  Apparently there had been some raucous behaviour and the bar had been selling - wait for it - 'more ale'...
 Sadly Richard's dice rolling wasn't up to his verbal skills...
Next the Chaps were assailed by the Preacher and his wife and treated to an hour-long sermon on vice and criminality.  What a treat!
 The Sheriff meanwhile was engaged by the Big Hat Gang in a conversation about the weather.  Whereupon it started raining.
 While the Leather Chaps dug on the Blue Hat Gang strolled past the Hotel.
While the Preacher bored a new audience the Big Hat Gang removed from his wall the wanted poster for their leader.  But what was the Blue Hat Gang up to?
Blowing up the wall of the bank, apparently.  Fittingly their leader was mortally wounded in the ensuing blast!

And the title?  Having dug up the sack of swag which had been their objecting, the Leather Chaps treated us to another innovative use of a matrix card to make good their escape, claiming they had to get to the railroad station to catch a 'Terrain'....

Once you finish groaning enjoy this week's music link:


Conrad Kinch said...

Thars a snake in my boot!

Stephen Beat said...

I really like the Old West 1/32 stuff, it always puts me in mind of the Timpo figures I had as a kid (which I'd kept them)!

Don M said...

Tim if those puns got any thicker you'd need a knife to get through them.....BTW the Texas tourist board says your welcome here any time, ya hear? ;-)

Col said...

Nicely done Tim! Always good to see the Deetail cowboys make an appearance. Your Wild West town is also very effective.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
That explains your approach to dancing!

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
You're always welcome to join us!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I'm sure that no amount of ham acting and exaggeration on our part will match up to the real thing!

Tim Gow said...

Worryingly I have twice as many buildings as were used in the game.

Pete. said...

Great stuff Tim- looks really impressive. I'm glad to see no bad pun was left unsaid.



Tim Gow said...

Oh I don't know about that - I suspect there are plenty of dodgy arguments still to come in future games.