Friday, 31 March 2017

Muenchengratz, 1866

Martin has already posted a report of this game over on his blog - see it here.  So I'll not say much except where I feel the Austrian point of view needs representing more accurately!
In the game I was General Clam Gallas - derided by the Prussians who claimed 'he eats better than he fights."  Which just makes me like him all the more!  Anyway, in between ordering and eating a seventeen course lunch I conducted a masterly defence of the area.

Here is my Austrian corps deployed for defence...
...and here my tardy Saxon allies march lethargically into position.
As hordes of unsmiling black-clad Prussians flowed over the bridge my chaps set to with shovels and dug in.

As my chaps came under pressure I managed some inspired dice rolling!

Meanwhile the Saxons  - having had a brief glimpse of the enemy - buggered off.

In between courses Clam Gallas had displayed enough leadership to hold off the Prussians and then extricate his men.  Clearly a major Austrian victory then.  No really.