Tuesday 24 February 2015

US 107mm mortar

These chaps were assembled some months ago but have only recently seen paint.  Actually after painting so much US Woodland camo they suddenly seemed like an easy option.
Like many of these Tamiya kits the age of the moulds has has no adverse effect on the parts and the whole thing went together well - discrepancies between the box art and the finished models are entirely down to my bungling!
The 107mm (4.2 inch) M30 has a rifled barrel* and entered US service in the early 1950s.  This one will serve as a battalion support asset.

*obviously so does my model - you just can't see it in the photos....


JLee118 said...

I remenber the four duce. I actually got to fire it before we replaced them with the 120mm. You had to twist the shell while you were dropping it down the tube. Made it REAL fun if you had a hang fire.

Tim Gow said...

That does sound tricky! Did the barrel clog up at all during an intense shoot?

JLee118 said...

Not that I remember. Although I do remember them having one or two hang fires. (That's when a shell is drop down the tube and doesn't fire.)

Paul Foster said...

Academy did a direct copy of thid set and used to add it to their copied mutt set. Great value at half the price.

Nice job.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
The Tamiya kit can be spectacularly cheap too.