Monday, 23 February 2015

Mi-2URP 'Salamander' - part 1

I always find helicopters a bit tricky to build.  In scales from 1/1200 to 1/72 they cause me no end of trouble.  So having survived the build of the ghastly Intech Mi-2 a few months ago did I really want to build another?  Well yes actually - but my hopes for this kit were rather higher.  Like my recently completed Mi-4 Hound, this was a Hobbyboss kit and my (limited) experience of the brand has been pretty positive.
Initial impressions were good - the fuselage halves above were nice crisp mouldings which actually fitted together.  The large transparent bit is the nose section of the Hoplite - a much less fiddly process than the Intech horror.
Lots of parts.  Some of which I actually used.
The pleasing box art showing the Mi-2 loosing off a Sagger.  Which was another reason I wanted this kit.
So far so good - the main body parts all assembled.
Even the undercart was pretty straightforward.  Before securing the clear nose I added a weight.
The rotor blades assembled at more or less the correct angles...


Paul Foster said...

Great to see non western choppers. Even better to hear reasonable build stories.

Top notch post.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
The Comrades do like an armed helicopter!