Monday, 16 February 2015

Mini Jutland - part 2

So where were we?  Ah yes.  Hipper's squadron are on the run.  Or sinking.  And nothing can go wrong for the RN.  But then again....  Here we see Beatty's battlecruiser gracefully sinking after an unsporting salvo from the German main fleet.  The rotters.
An overview of the game.  Jellicoe is centre bottom, Scheer top left, Hipper centre top and Beatty top right.
Jellicoe's squadron under fire from those naughty Germans.
The battle lines close.  By now this was a real slogging match.
Hipper's cruiser finally expires in a hail of RN torpedoes and Jack Hawkins's pipe smoke.  Jack's DD had taken a bit of a pasting and he was forced to re-light his pipe from the muzzle blast of the 3 inch guns.
Honours were about even - but the RN had more destroyers left.  
Things improved for the Brits when a German battlewagon went down.....
....and victory was sealed when we sank another.

Given the scale of our victory this was obviously a great game!


Peter Douglas said...

Nice report Tim.

No Jutland re fight is complete without an earth shattering kaboom, and your markers work very well to show theses!

Col said...

Great AAR Tim. It read just like a J.E McDonnell (or as we used to call them, J.E McTrueys) story.

Michael Peterson said...

Terrific stuff. Bravo Jack! I have a devil of a time keeping my pipe lit as well, don't you know.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You've "done" Jutland
Well done that man!

Nice touch getting rid of Beatty too ;)