Saturday, 3 August 2013

Look away, Dixie's Land - Gettysburg part 3

We now return to the fun (after tea and cake...) as the heroic Rebs have cleared half of the wood on Culp's Hill. 
On the Reb left, the coloured regiment (painted, it will be remembered by me) clashed with... own regiment of Rebs!  Happily my chaps had the better of the encounter!
Much to our delight the Yankees seemed to be on the run - pulling back to consolidate their position on the ridge, anchored on Meade's HQ.
By now my second brigade was on the move and swinging round the flank.
Fron the Yank's point of view they seemed to have a pretty secure position.
With thick lines of troops everywhere!
It's almost as if Meade was worried about housebreakers.
My brave Rebs - though depleted in number - surge forward.
By late afternoon I had secured the Culp's Hill position.
A typical scene in the Federal lines.  Jack hard at work moving toys, Paul the umpire keeping an eye on him while Brian (left) stands around watching.
General Longstreet enters into the spirit of things..
And now......I must report the tragic loss of Mat Bradic the Forbodian reporter and photographer.  Deliberately targeted by Yankee gunners, Mr Bradic's demise was witnessed by the Confederate staff and visiting British Army observer Capt. Widdrington.  News of this most horrific atrocity has already been conveyed to Europe and that continent will no doubt soon be ablaze with anti-Yankee indignation!

As Mr Bradic's final moments once more run through my mind I find I am too upset to continue for the moment.  I will return to the battle report soon and we shall see if justice prevails!


Sean said...

Hmm, doesn't look good for the Army of the Republic.

Tim Gow said...

It's all still to play for...

Brian Carrick said...

Excellent reporting Sir, I'm still holding my breath for the final installment, surely the Rebs didn't oust us from such a strong position? (note to self: must lose some weight!)
Best wishes, Brian

Tim Gow said...

Brian Carrick
Still 2 more posts to go - I'll try to get them both done this week.