Friday, 16 August 2013

Col. J Robertson

You may have noticed this chap in my Confederate staff group at the recent Gettysburg game.  He is a Britains plastic figure of some age and was originally owned - as his name suggests - by my late friend John G Robertson.  JR was the first person I met who was deeply interested in the ACW - I understand that he ran a campaign in the early '70s where the Dundee club represented the CSA and the Bristol club - with which JR had links were the Yankees.  I'd love to know more about this campaign.
Anyway, as the only 54mm figure to have come my way from John's collection it seemed fitting to stick him on a base, slap on some varnish and take him along to the game.  I like to think that JR would have liked the game and been well pleased with the outcome.

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The Dancing Cake Tin said...

Absolutely excellent story. You must hold JR in the highest esteem.