Friday, 29 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

To my considerable surprise I have received two nominations for a Stylish Blogger Award!  So thanks to Ross Macfarlane ( and Bob Cordery ( for their (misplaced?) confidence in me.
The Stylish Blogger Award Rules seem (like all the best rules) to be open to many interpretations but most seem to agree on the following points:

1.Thank and link back to the bloggers who nominated you this award.
2.Share seven things about yourself.
3.Nominate some great bloggers.
4.Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

1. Has already been dealt with above - thanks again to Ross and Bob.
2. Hmm - tough one this.  OK, here goes.
Seven current wargames projects (this took a bit of narrowing down!):
i. Funny Little Wars - completing the army of the Kingdom of Forbodia in preparation for an actual game!
ii. Finishing off 7 Armoured Division (20mm, late WW2 Megablitz division).
iii. Another brigade for my NATO Brigade Commander game - Austrians perhaps, or Israelis?
iv. Compiling the programme and timetable for this years Conference of Wargamers
v. More 6mm Great War French troops (another corps or two...) for some 1914 Op14 scenarios.
vi. Writing another NBC scenario we can play over the next few weeks.
vii. Playing throught more Command & Colours Napoleonics scenarios with my 15mm toys.
My last seven wargames-related acquisitions:
i. A sheet of decals (red stars) to finish off my Li-2.
ii. A 1/32 French Napoleonic limber for adaptation and use with my Funny Little Wars forces.
iii. 1/32 Mamelukes and staff officers - also for use with Funny Little Wars.
iv. Osprey Men at Arms books on The Ottoman Army 1914-18 and The French Foreign Legion 1872-1914.
v. Some of the latest 1/285 scale releases from GHQ - including the impressive SA-15 launchers.
vi. Two units of painted 15mm British infantry for use with CCN.
vii. Several square metres of 2 inch thick insulation foam for building terrain features (or insulating the loft) - a gift from Len Cooksey.
Seven games I have designed:
i. Megablitz - WW2 operational level game.
ii. NATO Brigade Commander - postwar (and WW2) brigade-level game for use with hex terrain and 6mm toys.
iii. Sgt. Pavlov's Dogs - a participation game run by Wargame Developments at a number of shows a few years ago.  Silly tanks and exploding dogs - what's not to like?
iv. Aces High - a 20-minute card game of the Battle of Britain.
v. Shut It! - a boardgame based on that classic TV cop show The Sweeney.
vi. Iron Ships & Wooden Heads - a DBA-based excuse to use 1/6000 toy ships in a tabletop game set between the 1910s and 1940s.
vii. Don't Cry For Me- or How I stopped worrying about the bomb and learned to love penguins.  A matrix game of the Falklands campaign.  Designed for a one-off session, this was played several times over the course of a decade, generally producing a fairly historical result despite odd events such as Chilean and Soviet(!) interventions.
Seven great wargames quotes:
i. 'Bloody hell, it's the Graf Spee'  Martin Rapier (after said vessel had been on the table for an hour)
ii. 'Chariots are as good as helicopters' Ian Russell Lowell (presenting a biblical warfare game)
iii. 'I'm not afraid of direct sunlight' Phil Barker (context forgotten but who cares?)
iv. 'Anything but a one Wayne' (various - a reference to the dice rolling ability of Wayne Thomas.
v. 'You can never have too many lorries'  Me
vi. 'It's all factored in' My usual excuse for not including something in a game.
vii. 'Gotcha!' Nick Mitchell (by text message) after the first outing of the aforementioned Falklands game.
Seven (nine actually) scales and eight periods I wargame in:
i. 6mm - Classical, WW1, WW2, Postwar.
ii. 15mm - Napoleonic, Sudan, modern Africa.
iii. 20mm - WW2 (with 1/144 aircraft)
iv. 54mm - Early 20th Century
v. 2mm - 19th Century
vi. 1/6000 - 20th Century naval (with 1/1200 aircraft)
vii. 1/1 - Airsoft - WW2 & Cold War
The last seven cars I have owned:
i. Saab 9-5 Aero
ii. Mercedes E200T (W124)
iii. Honda CR-V ES TDCi
iv. VW Touran SE TDi
v. Volvo 945 GLE 16v
vi. Volvo 945 Celebration 2.3LPT
vii. Ford Mondeo 2.0GLX
Seven plastic kits I made a real hash of when I was a kid and would like another go at:
i. Airfix 1/72 Westland Scout
ii. Airfix 1/72 Messerscmitt Bf-109G
iii. Frog 1/72 EE Lightning
iv. Airfix OO/HO SAM-2 Missile
v. Airfix 1/72 Heinkel He-111
vi. Revell 1/72 A-7 Corsair
vii. Airfix 1/72 Spitfire IX

3. In no particular order we have: - Paul churns out models in such quantities and with a quality of finish I can only dream of.  He even has time to play wargames! - you are never too far away from a game report on Geordie's blog. - creative conversions,imaginative settings and beautiful paintwork - an absolute delight. - an Icelandic secret agent with James Bond pretensions and all done with toys - fantastic! - everything from interesting bits of history to decorating hints.  And some wargames. - Al churns out splendid toys at a prodigious rate and even manages to play games with them! - not a wargames blog, but lots of interesting stuff on the current Chinese armed forces, including photos presumably taken at some personal risk to the photographer. - a 'history' with game reports of a fictional civil war in late 20th Century Britain.  Been a bit quiet lately... - splendid battle reports featuring imaginative names and lovely 40mm toy soldiers. - he makes models, he drinks beer. Now that's multi-tasking. - Phil Steele's 20th Century blog.  Very inspirational (if only I wasn't so lazy).


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Thanks mate :-D

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Tim Gow,

You deserved the nomination.

What I have found interesting is following the links from other nominee's blogs to blogs that I have not come across before. If the intention of the award to was to encourage that, then it has worked!

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Paul's Bods
You're most welcome.

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Don M
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Much obliged for the opportunity to behave like a tart at the Oscars.

By the way, you're the second person to add "and some wargaming". I must start putting up more pictures of toy soldiers or I'll be getting angry letters.

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Conrad Kinch
Tarty behaviour and toy soldiers? I can hardly wait!

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Late to the party, as ever, just nominated you as well.


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Thanks - it seems the principle is 'make your own rules'.

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The love-in continues....

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All have won and all must have prizes!

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