Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Morris Armoured Car

Following a flood of requests.  Well, OK - one request from Al at 20th Century Wargames (http://20thcenturywargames.blogspot.com/) , I dug out the box marked 'British 1940 Corps Assets'.  This contains some artillery, AA, transport and command stands, together with most of a Tank Brigade (Matilda I & II), and Armoured Brigade (A9, A13, MkVI) and a Recce (armoured car) Regiment.
From the latter unit we have this Morris Armoured Car.  I should point out that many of the vehicles in this box fell victim to a varnish disaster, when the spray varnish produced lots of white spots.  Some models needed a full or partial repaint, but others including the Morris were treated to a heavy drybrush to conceal the worst of the damage.  This scruffy look seems to suit the Morris well.
This is an old (early 1990s) Raventhorpe metal kit, made up of around ten parts.  The crewman is from a Matchbox Humber - I expect he is scanning the wargames table for information, rather than targets for his Boys antitank rifle!
The square on the back of the car is a small magnetic strip for the Megablitz strength point marker.  This vehicle was built and based in pre-Megablitz days.


Ross Mac said...

Ah yes, I thought I recognized the officer. I believe one of his twin brothers is upstairs, serving with the Roscian forces as an observer.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
I think this chap comes from a very large family with a strong military tradition - they are well represented in my boxes!

Don M said...

Always like the Morris, really can't see any ill effect from the varnish!
Does look the part pretty well, good job Tim.

Al said...

Looks just like mine too, nice work on the weathering Tim

Tim Gow said...

Don M
As you may have noticed, scruffy is the only paint style I can manage!

Tim Gow said...

I think yours is rather smarter! Maybe they are the same car before (yours) and after (mine) the 1940 campaign?

Paul said...

Nice looking armoured car. Don't right off the boyes, if your target is a honda you are looking sweet.

Nice post.

Tim Gow said...

Great - now the bloke in the Morris will be parked up on the window sill taking pot shots at my wife's Honda!

Paul said...

She won't be your wife for long if you hit it!

Tim Gow said...

Hmm. A photo opportunity there I think.

peter said...

This one reminds me a bit on that Belgian Minerva armoured car.

I like this one to ;-)


Tim Gow said...

Like the Minerva, my Morris has done a fair bit of driving round Belgium!