Monday, 18 April 2011

Memoir 45

This game, played at the Sheffield club last Wednesday was Martin's development of the well-known Memoir 44 game.  While, as regular readers will know, we are quite keen on the ancient and Napoleonic versions of Command & Colours, the WW2 game has never really caught on with some of us.  And me in particular.  I put this down to the fact that, unlike the other periods, I actually know a little bit about WW2 and this makes the heavily stylised aspects of the game rather more evident.  Anyway, after discussing it a few times, Martin went off and made a few tweaks to the basic Memoir system - differentiating between medium and heavy armour and guns for example.
The game setup as viewed from the German side.
I forget the details of the scenario - hopefully Martin will comment and address this - except that it involved the Germans counterattacking Canadian positions in early 1945.  John and Jerry looked after the Canadians while I 'Panzer Gow' commanded the Germans with my usual style and panache.  Despite this handicap the forces of the Reich actually did rather well.
The game used Martin's 15mm toys and his set of green Hexon terrain.  I took along some 1/144 scale aircraft - Fw190s and Typhoons - in case anyone got air support.
Panthers ('heavy' tanks don't you know...) and infantry prepare to surge forward.
German infantry clear a hill of hordes of dug-in Canadians....
...with a little help from the Panthers
The Landsers who took the town are attacked in turn by massed armour.  Well Shermans anyway.
The dramatic right flank attack led by Panthers.  This rescued the increasingly vulnerable survivors from FJR Rgt 6 and basically won the game.
Meanwhile in town the Shermans are close assaulted by some very angry infantry.
 While it was a pleasant game and we rattled through it in under an hour and a half, the general view was that it wasn't something we desperately wanted to play again and may in fact be a developmental blind alley.  Ah well, you don't know these things until they are tried.


Paul said...

Panzer Grow, fair comments on what I have read about the system. Congrads anyway, always good to see Shermans being treated as tanks.

Tim Gow said...

Ah yes,Panzer Grow - the well known typo....

Paul said...

Whoops on my behalf, more thumbs than fingers in the morning!

It should read Panzzer Grow...Sorry Panzer Gow. My mistake,

Martin Rapier said...

The battle was one of the 'offical' Memoir 44 scenarios on the Days of Wonder website, this one covered the counterattack by 116th panzer Div adn 15th Panzer Greandier during Operation Veritable in 1945.

The game wasn't a complete disaster, but the Allies scattered their efforts and went down fairly quickly in the face of two concentrated German punches, so it wasn't hugely satisfactory.

I think it could be improved with some more work, mainly deciding on a consistent unit and ground scale, as at the moment it is an operational game which plays like a skirmish!

Anyway, I have a few ideas which will essentially turn it into Megablitz driven by cards.

For now however, I have been distracted by the lure of the Franco Prussian War once more.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Ah yes - I remember now - I won, so it's a great game!

SoA Shows North said...

I have to add that I have also played Memoir '44 and C&C Ancients - and prefered the latter.

If anything, my knowledge base is the reverse of yours, Tim ... but my feelings on the games very similar.

I think the approach captures some of the friction that must have been a significant part of ancient battle rather well, yet Memoir '44 left me less convinced.

PS .. liked all those jalopies you featured but was rushing around a bit so neglected to say so at the time ....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nicely done Herr Gow ;)

Conrad Kinch said...

I can't say I've ever found scale a major issue for Memoir '44, but to each his own. The game really comes into itself when played as a team effort.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - have an Iron Cross.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
Never tried it as a 'team' game, but I know the CCA 'Epic' scale games can work on that basis.