Monday, 11 April 2011

Japanese C-130

Not much modelling to report over the weekend. As the weather was so nice we had a trip to the seaside on Saturday (sunny but breezy, so handy to have the Mazda van to shelter and make cups of tea in between walks) and various garden and chicken related activities occupied Sunday morning.
A couple of months ago I posted photos of some of my modern 6mm Japanese forces, finishing up with some aircraft (  I am happy to report that after finishing a more models recently I can now add to the collection.
C-130 Hercules by F-Toys.  This model was pre-coloured and required assembly and markings.
The overall pale blue colour is rather striking on an aircraft of this size!
The C-130 came in the same set as the Orion and Neptune models.  The other C-130s included one which will end up as an RAF aircraft and two in the livery of the US 'Blue Angels' team.  One has already been repainted for use with my  Pakistani forces.
There is a further Japanese aircraft still to come.  It is far more outrageous than the Herc.


peter said...

Nice model Tim.

It reminds me on that old Airfix kit which I never managed to assemble :-(


Tim Gow said...

You had an Airfix Herc? Wow. I remember lusting after that kit in the '70s when it probably cost something like an impossible £3. I expect the Airfix offering would have been more of a challenge than this tiddler from F-Toys.

Biff Tanner said...

Very cool was it hard to assemble?

Tim Gow said...

Biff Tanner
Dead easy - I think there were less than 2 dozen parts - nothing too fiddly.

Al said...

That's different, our airforce still uses that workhorse, been in a few myself, just different colours

Paul said...

Nice looking piece of hardware. Much prettier colour than our herky birds.

The Pakistani one sounds a treat, post more please!

Tim Gow said...

Al & Paul
I wonder what led to the pale blue paint scheme. Glad to hear you guys still have them too - they are still going strong with the RAF, which, given that I remember seeing Hercs at air shows (RAF Leuchars) in the mid '70s makes me wonder just how old some of these planes are.

peter said...

Hey Tim,

in fact I had two of them. One my father bought for me, and the other one I bought myself many years later. That last one was a modified C130 as a gunship.
But as said before, never could assemble them. The cockpit did never fit. Not even after cutting parts away. I also remember that there had to be a conter weight in the nose or it couldn't stand on his wheels.
Let me tell you thing, if I find a new one, I buy it again, and this time I will succeed. Third time, good time? ;-)

west1871 said...

Very nice mate.That scale is all I could (or the wife wolud let) fit in my house.

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

Go and find one - and keep us all posted!

Tim Gow said...

Indeed - smaller scales do save on space. Unless you have loads of them....