Friday, 11 August 2017

Relief on the Border? Kakstadt Gap - part 6.

Back at Kakstadt-Ost, the DDR motor rifle troopers were hurtling towards the Para's positions.  The BTRs were perforated by the Para AT battery but the MR troopers were already on foot by that time.

Soon bitter hand to hand fighting was underway.

The East German T-55s shelled the British positions in the North.
Having eliminated the DDR border guards in the north, the Paras spotted the Stasi operative trying to make off in his car.  the car was no match for the hail of SLR rounds and the secret policeman bayoneted to death as he crawled from the burning wreckage.  An atrocity?
The Paras had seen off the MR troops...
...just in time for the arrival of RAF Jaguars!
This was an unusually accurate strike which created a few openings for prospective MR troopers.

Having seen off the DDR infantry, the Paras consolidated their grip on the village.
A troublesome DDR artillery battery was assaulted and overrun by Paras.
At this point an elderly DDR MIG-15 sneaked through the NATO air cover....
...but it's bombing was reassuringly inaccurate.
At this point we drew proceedings to a close with the honours fairly even.

The final score:
Paras firmly rooted in the village. Strength two full companies and supports. So the flank is secure.

DDR a bit knocked about but still have 2 tank co, 1 MR co (incorporates surviving riflemen and engineers) plus AT, AA, HQ. So the counterattack can proceed against the French when they appear.


Duc de Gobin said...

Loving this series.
Highlights for me are the Airfix Russian conversions and the triumph of the Paras.
The T55s looked very menacing in this scale.

...clearly sides were adequately awarded - the DDR player having read the Guardian and al...;)

Must try these rules soon.

Chris said...

I am really enjoying these AARs too. I am glad to see that your rules work well on the tabletop, as that is were I plan to use them. Now to scale them to microarmor!


Tim Gow said...

Duc de Gobin
Thanks - the T-55s are a delight. Though that's not what the Paras said....

Tim Gow said...

Small actions - a battalion or so, or indeed smaller scale toys - are fine on a tabletop. I know LCW has been used with 15mm and 20mm toys but I've not yet tried them with my 6mm (or Martin's 2mm!).

Archduke Piccolo said...

The temptation to adapt my own Army Men project to your game system is pretty strong... At any rate, these AARs have got me thinking about them again...

Pete. said...

Very nice Tim- I miss seeing the Jaguar flying about so your game version was a nice reminder.



Martin Rapier said...

It was all going swimmingly well until those pesky Jaguars turned up. They just wrecked the Motor Rifle troops, and without infantry there wasn't much hope of rooting the Paras out.

There is still roughly a battalions worth of DDR armour though, plus the mighty towed 100mm AT gun, so that will give the French something to think about.

Sadly, The Guardian is a bit light on tactical advice on the use of armour in towns.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
What can I say? It works and it's fun.

Tim Gow said...

I have three 1/72 Jags so I'll try to ensure they feature in more games.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Yes - I think the Paras had a few worrying moments before the RAF got their act together and tore into the MR company.