Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bastogne tank shed. European Road Trip day 6, part 2

Last stop at the barracks was the AFV collection.  Most people just wanted to see the WW2 stuff inside but I found time to photograph this ex-Belgian Army Spartan APC.
In the shed there are quite a few vehicles!
I was pleased to see this M-47 Patton - again ex-Belgian Army - still wearing the colours of it's former keepers.
Lloyd Carrier.
Renault UE with some mods added by a subsequent owner.
A super-rare M-22 Locust airborne tank.
Another command bus - it didn't look as comfy as ours though.  This one is on an Opel chassis and has added wooden bodywork.

Matilda Infantry Tank.

A nice Kubel
A trackless but otherwise intact looking Panzer IV.
Our guide for the Barracks visit - a Belgian Army Para-Commando
Stug III.  I wonder if the tarp is there to cover some bodged modelling work?  It's what I'd do...
Another Airfix catalogue flashback moment - the DUKW
A tale of two lorries - US GMC...
...and British Bedford QL

You don't see badges like this on military vehicles these days!
Even their spares box was pretty good
Another Renault UE
ex-Atlantikwall tank turret

The German UE again.
Back outside I spotted this AMX-VCC (or VCI).  Based on the AMX-13 light tank, this was used by (among others) the Belgian Army.
Next door is the Belgian Army AFV repair shop - choc full of historic vehicles being restored.  One of the tour party - and American gentleman - had earlier grumbled to the guide about having been the previous day to Houfallize (I think) to see the preserved Panther there.  He was miffed to find it's plinth empty.  "Ah yes" replied our guide coolly, "it's in our workshop now..."
An example of the workshop's fine work - an M-24 Chaffee.  A Matchbox flashback!
Finally, I noticed this rather tatty T-34.  A candidate for some paintwork soon I hope.


Hugh Walter said...

A nice set of pictures of a rather nice-looking collection. Thanks for posting!


Pete. said...

Great pictures again Tim.



Tim Gow said...

Hugh Walter
As sheds go, this one had some pretty good toys in it!

Tim Gow said...

Glad you like 'em Pete.

Brian Carrick said...

That UE is super little tank! To think that just 70 years ago all this stuff would have just been sitting by the roadside or left in a field for anyone to come by and pick it up, the mind boggles!

Paul Foster said...

Love that M24. Great pics.