Friday, 25 August 2017

By the rivers of Babylon**

Another Command & Colours game, this was the final decisive battle* between the upstart Persians under Cyrus the Great and the Babylonian Empire.
Belshazzar (above) and Nabonidis led the Babylonians and were played by Martin and Jerry.
Cyrus was accompanied by Gadates and Ugbaru (above).  They were played by John and Russell.
 The setup - Babylonians nearest.
 Cyrus and his Immortals.  Many of the figures present were ex-Bob Plumb or ex-JR .  
Which makes some of them only slightly more recent than the battle.  
Manufacturers represented include Garrison, Hinchliffe and Minifigs.

   The Babylonians mounted a series of small attacks against the Persian monolith...

 ...but Cyrus's lime remained unbroken.
 Some pointing by Russell helped the game along.

 Such was the desperation of the Babylonians that even Nabonidis entered the fray...
..and saw his bodyguard cavalry perish around him.  This secured a great victory for Cyrus and hearalded the end of the Babylonian Empire.
I gather that Nabonidis and Belshazzar are currently on hanging garden leave.

*probably.  The historical records are somewhat scanty.
** all together now:



Pete. said...

I know very little about the pointy stick era but that looks a great set up.



Duc de Gobin said...

Bloody 'ell - I remember that song the first time around, and could never work why the bloke in the band was there (apart from the odd 'mmmm' and wierd bridge to the chorus).
It was nearly as catchy as Iron Maiden back in the day.

C&C is a great game. You have reminded me to play more.

tradgardmastare said...

Game looks fantastic and a lovely Saturday morning video too. Always preferred the lyrical charm and strident beat of "Ra ra Rasputin" and it's incisive biographical detail. Any Russian Civil Wars games coming soon to use as a hook for that song?

Rob Young said...

For some reason I really liked a lot of the figures on display... never had a Babylonian, all I call say 'Hail to the Great King'.

Tim Gow said...

You're among friends Pete but a quick glance at the appropriate pages of Heredotus before each game provides some useful background.

Tim Gow said...

Duc de Gobin
The chap in question was awfully energetic as I recall. I'd never before thought of Boney M at the same time as Iron Maiden - what the hell goes on in your head?

Tim Gow said...

No RCW games planned - but don't let that stop your singalong!

Tim Gow said...

Rob Young
A few of the Persians are recent Garrison castings and many of the others are Garrison veterans - which might explain the familiarity!

Stephen Briddon said...

You need a representation of Boney M in your army.

maximex said...

I like Boney M.
Great sounds and good looking women
It's made competitor to ABBA

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Briddon
No doubt you're working on it at this very moment?