Monday, 30 November 2015

WW2 playtest - part 2

As play progressed the naughty Yank mortar managed a second direct hit on the assault gun (what were the chances?)  Undaunted, the Jerries pressed forward with their left-flanking attack.
Quoth the German CO "Gott in Himmel, der Jagdpanther ist kaput!"
In went the close assault - the dice are to test the stands' enthusiasm for the job, needing to score equal to or less then the number of figures on the stand.  These lads were dead keen!
The Americans also has a tank to play with, and a 'special' officer figure pointing gamely.
They too were up for a fight.
The blood and Sherman parts were soon flowing freely.
The second round of close assault continued the slaughter following which the Sherman fled...
...while the reserve platoon braved mortar fire to move up in support.
The Germans were battered by the experience but would they press on or pack it in?


Pete. said...

Looks good- like the dozer bladed Sherman.



Tim Gow said...

Another of Solido's finest!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice AAR. I remember all that gear. Thanks for posting.