Sunday, 1 November 2015

Horsing around 2

You'll perhaps recall me mentioning the box of figures donated by Neil P* shortly before September's Waterloo game.  Getting some of the figures sorted out meant a 'quick win' during my frantic preparations for the game.  As the figures lacked horses I raided my stocks of Supreme (Italeri rip-offs) horses for suitable mounts.  The lances are sharpened steel, originally sold as pikes for 28mm figures.

The figures were indeed used in the game - thanks again Neil!

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Stephen Beat said...

I have yet to undertake any cavalry. Though I have a troop in my Molatero stash...Painting a horse is a worrying prospect!

Nice work, Mr. G.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
I shouldn't worry - I still can't paint horses and have long since given up trying anything ambitious in this line. The ''toy soldier' look is where it's at!

Neil Patterson said...

Glad they saw some service!