Wednesday, 2 December 2015

WW2 playtest part 3

The struggle on the left flank continues - with even the German CO joining the fun.

Eventually sheer weight of numbers prevailed and the lone American defender surrendered.

The German company in the centre was also advancing.  And also under fire from the US mortar.
The US reserve platoon soon entered the fray - an ambitious move!

Indeed.  The Germans soon killed 3/4 of the platoon and captured the last man standing.
Then it was on to the central position - which fell...
..after a bloody exchange of fire and cold steel.  Well dice and wobbly plastic bayonets.

At this point I decided that the Yanks had had enough and everyone crawled back into their boxes.  Until next time.

So given that this was a playtest what conclusions did I draw?
1. The 'special' figure idea has legs but needs more development - I want it to be a fun addition to the game without dominating the action.
2. The basic mechanisms work well but I need to rethink weapon ranges and movement.
3. I need to think more about the air side of things.

So we've not seen the last of this game.  Be warned!


Archduke Piccolo said...

I'm looking forward to more on this!

john yorio said...

I'm late to the party on this, but I love the look of this and, like the Archduke, look forward to seeing more of these WW2 rules.

What size trays are you using?

Also, I've been gaming WW2 in 1/32 with 1/32 - 1/38 vehicles for awhile but was never happy with how much space the armor takes. I wanted to really downscale the vehicles to 1/48 but my google-fu is weak and I couldn't find pics of 1/32 figures with 1/48 vehicles (and had none of my own) until now. Some sellers on ebay owe you a thank you - I rushed out and started buying Solido tanks after seeing these WW2 posts.

Tim Gow said...

John Yorio
The party is only just beginning! Welcome.
I now understand why Solido prices are on the way up. My infantry stands are 4x4 inch steel sheet sprayed Matt green. I already had a load cut for my Little Cold Wars game - join us at