Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The train now approaching platform one...

This followed on from the game a few weeks ago and saw the train, now it will be remembered, under Confederate control, approaching a US-held town.
The town was something of a backwater and the garrison was confidently expecting further supplies to arrive on the train.  Consequently, and despite appearances, guns were unmanned and only a few sentries were on duty.
Enter the train!
John again led the CS forces - wearing my hat - while Jerry assisted, having opted for a more homespun late war 'butternut' look...  The Yankees were played by Martin and Tim C.
The sneaky Rebs had made sure to dress the mortar crew in captured US uniforms...
...but by the time the train rolled by the US sentries had smelled a rat.
The Reb plan saw the train run into town at some speed...
...stopping bang in the centre - near the POW cage.
US gunners rushed to their cannon as musketry fire cracked from the train.
CS troops soon de-trained and engaged the gunners.
The surviving artillerymen took to their heels

Meanwhile the Reb prisoners had - at some cost - overpowered their guards
The situation at half time.
US cavalry galloping around and not doing very much.


Phil said...

Nice pictures and nice looking game!

Rodger said...

Awesome looking game!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - tune in again for the dramatic conclusion!

Tim Gow said...

it does look surprisingly good!