Friday, 3 July 2015

Paris pics - part un

 I mentioned we'd enjoyed a few days in Paris last weekend, so here are a few snaps to help you soak up the atmosphere.  Above is the Hotel de Ville.   Not actually an hotel but rather 'City Hall'.  Traditionally, if you want to start a revolution/uprising/commune this should be your starting point.
 Detail of Hotel de Ville.  It's this sort of talk that causes a load of trouble.
 Part of the (enormous) Louvre.  A former royal palace, I believe they now use it to store a few paintings.
 Napoleon's Arc de triomphe du Carrousel completed in 1808 is less well known than it's larger (1836) imitator.
 Detail from the arc.  The gist of this is that they were quite chuffed by how Austerlitz turned out.
 Having an interest in the 1789 revolution*, Sara particularly wanted to visit the Chapelle Expiatoire, where Louis XVI and members of his family were interred after the restoration.  The grounds also provide the final resting place for a number of Swiss royal guards killed during the unpleasantness of the late 18th century.

* Other revolutions are available.

Coming soon - Brits invade Paris shock!

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maximex said...

Sacré Coeur church, beautiful place and the evening lighting is beautiful
:D Luxor Obelisk traffic-circle, an trafic here is something incomprehensible...

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