Sunday, 5 July 2015

Paris pics - part deux

Parked outside the army museum at Invalides was this splendid Matilda infantry tank... full Western Desert 'Caunter' camo.  It is there as part of the 'Churchill and De Gaulle' themed exhibition, together with...
 ...a gorgeous Char B.1.

Mrs G snapped this dodgy looking chap hoping to drive off in the Char.
 Attached to Invalides is the building housing the tomb of Napoleon.  As far as I could tell he's still in there.

 The building also commemorates other French military notables.
 One of the highlights of the Great War display - for me at any rate - was this Renault Taxi.


Peter Douglas said...

Great looking vehicles, the Matilda is especially the Matilda. I would watch the chap with the Char B, he does look dodgy. Like some one who buys arms in a pub parking lot.
Cheers, PD

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Rumour has it that the same chap was spotted a few years ago trying to hot-wire the S-tank at Bovington...