Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Operation Deep Thust - The Battle of Kakstadt, 1979 - part 4

The final (for the moment...) stage of the Kakstadt battle saw us return to the lawn. Sadly the game was cut short by rain but we managed to try more of the mechanisms and take plenty of photos!
Above is a Mirage flying a CAP mission above the front line.
The beasts from the East assembling their forces.
As the owner of a MIG-17 in East German markings it would have been churlish not to lend it to the enemy for the game.
The DDR forces seemed to be expecting trouble from above - here is the SAM Regiment with missiles and radar and just visible at the top left - Paul's splendidly bodged ZSU-23/4 Shilka.
Tanks roll west - covered rather scantily by smoke.
The Shilka again - defending the Commissar.
The commies had a whole battalion of tanks, including these T-55s.
The French had rushed a scanty force to the area - assembled from Solido's finest.  In the distance is an AMX-10 with HOT AT missiles.  The lump under the camo net is an AMX-13 DCA AA tank.  Nearer the camera is 'Petit Claude' - a splendid Simca/Unic 'Sumb' truck rather like the one I had a ride in a couple of years ago.
A closer look at the AMX-10.  This was rather broken when bought - the missile tubes are now held on with a subtle blend of wire and superglue.
A squadron of AMX-30 tanks hull down behind the railway.
The Fresco inbound on a bombing run.
The Mirage failing to shoot it down.

At this point the toys were getting wet and both sides retreated indoors.


Don M said...

Great looking game Tim!

Paul Foster said...

Lovely array of Cold War goodness.

Rain in blighty...Who would have guessed it?

Archduke Piccolo said...

I just hafta like those wonderful looking Solido toys, and the rest. Intriguing and inspirational though all this is, but, I'll have to savour the bullet, and admire from afar - and maybe (more or less as you suggest) cobble together forces from the stuff I already have.

Looking forward to more from the Cold War Chronicles.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It does look good!

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
I knew you'd be surprised by the rain. I'd like to say that we were but....

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
"cobble together forces" That is the standard recruiting practice for LCW.

Conrad Kinch said...

Looking good. How did the AA war go?

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
To be completely honest I can't remember!

The Dancing Cake Tin said...

I'm not doing this as well. No. No! I am not going to do this.

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
I am confident that if I exert absolutely no pressure at all, you will soon give in.

Michael Peterson said...

Just catching up here. I do love these garden games and yours looks like terrific fun. Vintage cold war models just keep getting sexier as we all get older.

Tim Gow said...

Michael Peterson
Perhaps it's the reassurance of recreating a future war from the past which didn't happen!