Monday, 19 May 2014

Operation Full Frontal - The Battle of Kakstadt, 1979 - part 3b

As we return to Neu Kakstadt we find the PT-76 company probing round the flank (very nasty).  We last saw these chaps being hit by a mortar stonk but each toy can take 2 hits!
By now the French mortars were giving some thought to moving and had the engine of their AMX-VCI running...
The DDR dismounted assault proceeded in textbook fashion - we had after all, read the textbook!
A messy fight followed for the ruins at the top of the photo - and there goes another Entac at a BMP.
On their right flank, the tanks firing in support of the infantry had reduced considerably weakened the French mortar battery.
Infantry and BMPs trundle towards the French second line...
...where several gaps on stands can be seen.
Oh I say - that's rather unsporting!
This assaulting business works rather well.
Even the mighty AMX-13 came under sustained RPG fire...
...and eventually perished.
A further Sagger hit on an APC was the last straw for the French.  They shouldn't have left the doors open. Cue Michael Caine....
The survivors saddled up and departed, ending a most enjoyable game which saw several of the game mechanisms in use and more or less working.


Archduke Piccolo said...

An enjoyable pictorial narrative of action in an obviously Hessian setting...

I've been wondering about extending my Army Men project into something a bit more modern, though the emphasis is still upon c.1941 technology (whatever the actual models looks like!)

But I do have some Spetznaz figures (which for the life of me I can't find just now) and a few NATO types as well.

Also some very small (30mm?) Army men figures - just a few - with a couple of tiny AFVs that I didn't really know what to do with.

I was wondering whether a Coy HQ stand might have embedded an ATGW team (having 2 radio ops and 2 bazooka men loose - the latter might perhaps be modified into TOW or LAW gunners). Unfortunately I don't have opponents available, unless I go slightly bigger scale - c.35mm.

Food for thought here!

Peter Douglas said...

These are of course horrible lies from the propaganda machine of the evil empire! The true tale of events as they happened will be published shortly.

Oh yes, I realized that there are umm certain double entendres to the names applied to these operations. The product of dirty minds at DDR central command? I guess if the highlight of your day is climbing in the Trabant to drive down to see the wall, you need something to keep you busy.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
Spesnatz and NATO figures eh? I think you should send them to me and focus on the smaller scales...
Companies don't have HQ stands - these appear at Btl level. As a Btl only runs to around 40(NATO) or 30(Warpact) figures, I'm sure you'll be able to cobble together an OPFOR.

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
It was difficult to stay objective - I was after all fighting against my own toys! The Op names bear a striking similarity to some names applied to real Ops in the 1990s so don't blame me. And finally, while only a lucky(?)few achieved Trabant ownership the top brass in the DDR rode around in Volvos. I've had five of 'em which must at least make me a member of the Central Committee.

Peter Douglas said...

Objective - I don't think that I know that word.
The best story that I've heard on the Trabant was the Brit who collected them. I think that this was shortly after the wall came down and before the Euro zone, but he would take a ferry/train to Germany and bring back Trabi's. He didn't have to declare them as they were under his duty free limit in value!