Friday, 9 May 2014

TOWing the line - part 1

I picked up this Tamiya kit as part of my Little Cold Wars project.  I know this may look a bit professional compared to most of my vehicles but I'd ask you to bear in mind that it was reasonably cheap.
Oh no - what a lot of parts!
The body tub comes together.
Dry-fitting the TOW launcher.


Arthur said...


Nice pun, especially if you ever saw a battlefield after lots of these line connected missiles were flying around.

But here's a thing, and I just don't know.

It's said that men with large vehicles are size challenged in other areas - now, is this extendable to war gaming?

I don't know, I just don't know, do I?

Or to put it another way (oh no) why not just use pre-assembled 1/285 and avoid all this mucking about with bits of plastic solvents and .. ah yes, solvents. It's why I like using blackboard markers

But seriously, though.

PS Slow day in Nairobi, again...

Tim Gow said...

I have figures in scales down to 2mm so I'm not sure where that leaves your theory!
And FYI I do have the M-151/TOW in 1/285 scale. It comes in three parts....

Don M said...

I built that one over a decade ago...think I'm going to stick
with toy scale (more like 1/43
for vehicles) and 54mm for
troops...the danger being if
I go 1/35th for tanks and
such I'll soon need another shed...)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I hear you - but it's a small vehicle. Did I mention it was cheap?