Tuesday 1 April 2014

Cold War playtest - part 1

This was the first playtest of a Cold War-era game I have been working on for the past few weeks.  I used some nasty 45mm-ish plastic figures and an assortment of Solido, Dinky, Crescent and Britains vehicles. This post covers the initial setup - a further three will reveal the full tale as it unfolds.
Above are the 'Greenies', their orbat as follows:
Battalion HO
Mortar Plt
MG Plt
Art Bty
2 Inf Co, each 2 Plt

Tank Co, 1 Plt (AMX-30), 1 Lt Plt (PT-76)
The enemy were the 'Brownies':
HQ, Landrover
1 Inf Co, 3 Plts
Recce Sqn, 1 Lt Tank Tp (Scorpion), 1 ATGW Tp (Striker)
Infantry stands are mounted on 4 inch square bases.
A venerable Dinky Striker skulks on the edge of a copse.
The Brownie CO and friends, complete with their Land Rover.


Pete. said...

Interesting- I'll follow this... would I be right in thinking of 'Funny little cold wars'?



Tim Gow said...

You may think so - I couldn't possibly comment....

Milgeek said...

'FLW Cold War'!!! --- Crikey lads, I haven't even finished my original FLW project yet...Never mind the WW1 FLW or 'Inter-War' FLW projects that have been going on...!

Paul Foster said...

Looking promising Tim. I see you went all out on the paint schemes for the troops:)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Because you're a perfectionist it takes a while to get units together. Ham fisted bodging is much quicker.....

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
I couldn't see any point in painting a load of DPM unless I knew the game was a runner. Now I'll be looking to you for camo painting tips.....